What is MRM?

We are so glad you are on this page to do your research on MRM Professional Risk Management System. We hope you will be our next new client!

MRM is a risk management system for the crypto market, which in version 1 only supports KuCoin exchange. This system has the ability to avoid the risk of your transactions in the crypto market as much as possible.

Futures Position Manager:

This system will risk-free your position according to your request live with a difference of 3-4 seconds.
For example, your TP is 50% of the profit of the position, you can make it risk-free step by step. You can order that when my position reaches 10% profit, set my SL to 0% and when my position reaches 20% profit, set my SL to 10% profit.

Copy Trading:

MRM has the ability to copy your trades for other people who are in KuCoin exchange and use MRM. You can sell subscriptions to others through the sales system that was created for you for free so that they can receive your trades in their MRM system.

Note, all those who want to receive your trades must have the MRM system.

Licensing System:

This is a PHP script that you can download for free and install on your hosting and domain and sell your copy trading subscription to other clients.
The payment gateway of this system is decentralized and using USDT and affiliated with www.DrTether.com website.
Installation and configuration tutorial of this system is available in other posts.

Dedicated IP:

All MRM services have a dedicated IP that is only for one service and one person and no one else uses it.
You can choose your service location and IP from Europe when purchasing the service.
This dedicated IP will be used for using exchange, orders and copying trades.

Free Updates:

The updates of this system will be free for all clients and will be done automatically.

Online Support:

Online support is available via Telegram in English and Persian