Nice to meet you here!

We are happy to have a client like you, we congratulate you and wish you endless wealth and profitable transactions.

We will go to the first setup of the service very soon, but before that we must check some things together!
To start, you need a KuCoin account, this system currently only supports KuCoin exchange in version 1.
You must have experience working with the KuCoin Futures Market in your account, and this section has been activated in your account.

Step 1:

Click on the link sent to you through the Telegram bot to enter the following page.

1 - Enter your name in this field. Take it easy! We just want to welcome you through it!

2 - Don't take it easy! Choose a good and suitable username for yourself :)

3 - Never and absolutely take this part easy! Choose a very strong password, a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols and numbers, preferably between 14 and 18 characters long or more.

4 - Take this part easy again and just enter your E-Mail!

5 - Click on it and let's go to Step 2.

Step 2:

Login to your KuCoin Account using web browser.

Enter the API Management section from your profile section (top right of page).

We have 2 type of APIs on this page, Spot/Margine and Futures. But we will start with Futures API because it is required for Futures to be active in MRM system!

Choose Futures API and Click on Create API.

1 - Just choose a name and Take it easy :)

2 - Choose somthing like password 10 - 12 Characters Number, a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols and numbers.

3 - Just check the 'Trade' checkbox. Our system does not need your account transfer permission

4 - In this section, it doesn't matter which one you choose, you can leave it free(First Option) or you can choose the second option and define your service IP as an authorized IP for connecting to the KuCoin exchange.

The next steps will require confirmation via email and Google Authenticator and your trade password.

be ready!

This is the last step in Kocoin exchange! Do not forget to copy the Passphrase(You chose in the previous step), API Key and API Secret for the next step and save it in a safe place. You can save it in your Telegram SaveMessage to access it in the future

You can do the same steps for Api Spot.

Enter API Key, API Secret, API Passphrease here and click on Save Button

Congratulation! Your service is now ready for your transactions!

You can do the same steps for Spot API and add in later in MRM Menu > Setting > API exchange setting.