Introduction of different parts of MRM

Note that the MRM system is designed for medium to professional users and we will only have a general introduction of the different parts of this system.

Dashboard: This page is the first page that will be displayed to you, where the balance of futures, spot, orders and active positions will be shown to you.

Deposit: On this page, all your exchange account balances along with all Tether addresses in different networks will be displayed to you with a QR Code so that you can deposit without entering the exchange.

Futures and Spot Order Forms

API Exchange Setting: In this section, you can manage, add and change APIs related to your exchange account.

Copy Trading Setting: In this section, you can make the relevant settings for sharing your trade with others.

Copy Trading Servers: Here you can enter new subscription info and check other subscription in the list.

Change Password: You can change your account password from this section.