Installing Licensing System

Before starting the installation and adjustment of the licensing system, by default we assumed that you have experience and knowledge in the field of web and working with hosting and domain.
So we will move the steps together very quickly.
If you don't have knowledge in this field, you can send a message to the support and order them to do it for you.

Let's Go!

- at first you have to install a Trust Wallet or Atomic Wallet or another wallet that have USDT TRC20.

- Create an Account on website.

- From dashboard menu Click on 'Add New Gateway'

- Fill this form, Click on 'Add New' and save MerchantID.

The most important part!

- Choose a path on your host for Licensing System. For Example: /public_html/ctls/

- Download PHP Script and upload in on your path(Example: /public_html/ctls/)

- Move all files of 'main' directory to your path

- Create a new MySQL Database and import 'MRM-Licensing-System-SQL.sql' file into your database using phpMyAdmin

- open 'config.php' in cPanel or DirectAdmin editor

Fill the data into the variables:

Line 2 to 5 will be your monthly subscription price and this amount is in USDT

Line 8: Enter full URL of Licensing System in this Variable (Example:

Line 11: Enter IP address of the MRM service(A system that wants to share its trades with others.)

Line 14: Enter Merchant ID of your Dr.Tether Gateway

Line 17: Enter USDT TRC20 wallet address you entered on Dr.Tether gateway

Line 24: Enter all MySQL Database information in this Variable

1- This your service IP, You can copy it and use in in config.php Line11

2- Choose a name for yourself. Your clients will see this name in the list

3- Enter the full URL of your licensing system here and be sure to include the "/" symbol at the end (as in the image)

4- Enable Copy Trading Here and click on 'Save'

Now your Licensing system is ready and everyone can buy your subscription!